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Our Windows and doors, made from numerous kinds of wood, are warm, feel smooth and look aesthetic from both – inside and outside. Harsh weather-proof elements and different configurations of aluminum profiles from outside also make its product really special, unique as well as functional.


Buy Outdoor Heaters and Air Coolers Dubai

Whether you need effective air coolers, patio heaters or branded electronic products in Dubai, we have it all for you. A branded modern air cooler will help in cooling air and reducing your electric bills with its high energy-efficiency. At SORSbuy, you can buy best quality cooling solutions that include air coolers, misting fans, and dehumidifier for the hot summer months in Dubai. An easy installation process and portability are the unique qualities of our air coolers. To deal with the chilling winters in the UAE, we also offer a broad range of patio heaters that uses fuel or electricity to provide hot air-flow. Available in various designs such as mushroom outdoor heaters and pyramid gas heaters, these patio heaters also include other modern features.

Our cooling products such as misting fans and air coolers are available with varied water tank capacities and fan speeds to meet your specific requirements. Apart from this, we also offer other utilitarian products such as high-performing CNC machines, dehumidifiers, thermal cameras, ULV foggers and fog cannons. These durable products are available for residential, commercial, and industrial clients in the UAE. You can also avail latest ultra-high definition TV at best prices from SORSbuy. With a highly reasonable pricing system, we ensure quality products at highly reasonable prices. We offer portable room air cooler for as low as AED 899 in the UAE.

Why Choose to Buy from Us

Wide Range of Products

Wide Range of Products

Extensive product inventory including air coolers, outdoor heaters, electronics, CNC machines, dehumidifiers, and more.

Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

Branded and quality products with wide variety offered at highly reasonable prices in the UAE.

Free Pickup

Free Pickup

Free of cost pickup available for all the products from our warehouse in Al Quoz.

Delivery Across UAE

Delivery Across UAE

Products delivered to Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and anywhere across the UAE.


This blog provides essential tips and tricks for maintaining your ULV fogger for optimal performance and longevity. From cleaning the fogger after every use to using the right solution and replacing worn-out parts, this guide covers all the necessary steps to ensure your fogger remains in top condition.

This blog explores the advantages of modern technology toilet seats over traditional ones. It discusses the benefits of hygiene, comfort, convenience, water conservation, and accessibility. It encourages readers to consider buying a modern technology toilet seat to enhance overall comfort in the home.

This article delves into the workings of misting fans, explaining how they draw in hot air, release a fine mist of water, and create a cooling effect through rapid evaporation. This blog is a must-read if you’re looking for an eco-friendly and efficient way to cool your outdoor space.

Mobile air conditioning units are frequently chosen for temperature regulation at homes and offices. Whether you’re looking for a versatile cooling solution for your small space or you’re curious about the unexpected ways that mobile AC units are being used, this blog is sure to provide valuable insights.

There are many benefits of installing a portable or floor-standing air conditioner. They can fit in less area as they have stylish and compact design. Further, they are adaptable, reasonably priced, energy-efficient, and easy to install.

An air conditioning system failure can be detected by several warning signs like inadequate ventilation, odd smells, unanticipated noise, and more. This needs to be identified and rectified as soon as possible for enhanced cooling and proper functioning.

Here is a guide to installing portable heaters in your backyard and enjoying the winter season. Read on to know how many heaters and what kind can benefit you the most. You can also explore the different ways to install an outdoor heater to maximize efficiency.

If you are looking for the best patio heater for your backyard, this article is for you. Explore the various heaters and compare their prices and features to select the best one.

With the heat increase in this scorching weather, one cannot help but find infinite reasons to go ahead and buy an air conditioner. But there are lots of them present in the market. So, why is a Split air conditioner something you should go for? Read to find.

Air conditioners are among the best things that have ever happened to us regarding the oppressive heat we must endure. But, when they stop working, everything seems to come to a halt. Not anymore! In this blog, you will find all the tips to solve some of the most common issues faced with split AC.

Air conditioners are a better option for bigger rooms when compared to air coolers. Even the highest capacity air cooler cannot offer cool, clean air for these rooms. Users must keep their air conditioning units in perfect condition to enhance performance during hotter months.

Most people prefer getting air from an air cooler rather than using an air conditioner. Air coolers are the best and healthiest option for those with breathing problems and allergies to grime and dirt. They are also the most economical way of getting cool air.

Almost all major industries use dehumidifiers to maintain optimal conditions. By controlling humidity, business owners can save a lot of money while also protecting their products and machinery. Read our blog to learn about the most common industrial dehumidifier applications.

Both gas and electric heaters have advantages and disadvantages. You must decide which is best for your budget and needs. Read our blog to learn about the benefits of purchasing either of these two.

When using an electrical heater, it is crucial to consider all the safety factors to reduce the risk of fire and burns. As a result, it’s vital to pay attention to its location, distance from other objects

Look at the benefits of utilizing a portable air conditioner in Dubai’s scorching summers. It acts as an ideal home appliance due to its simple installation, small size, and portability. Additionally, it cuts energy costs. To find more, keep reading.

When summer arrives, you must contend with high temperatures and high humidity. Many people are bothered by the sticky and sweaty sensation. The solution is to purchase a dehumidifier. Here are some pointers to consider before purchasing a dehumidifier. Click to read!

Staying at home is not a choice but a desperate attempt to protect ourselves. The temperature in Dubai can soar during the summer. However, there are some natural ways to keep your home cool. Let’s take a look at a few of them. Click here to read more!

Summer has started, and you can feel the discomfort. Maybe you have already serviced your ACs and want to ensure that everything is managed well. However, as the heat in Dubai increases, the weather woes increase. Here we will share AC tips that would help.

As the global temperatures soar, buying an AC is more of a necessity. But we also know that if not used properly, the AC can consume a lot of power and generate a huge power bill. Here we will tell you some ways to use the AC efficiently and conserve power.

Just like everything, AC units also have their share of pros and cons. However, the pros supersede the cons. Investing in the right air conditioning unit is important for numerous reasons. What type of AC unit suits your home and office requirements? Is a ductless unit a wise choice? Learn all about it in this guide.

With summer approaching, every home and every workspace is looking at installing an air conditioner. There is a huge array of several types of air conditioners available on the market. Is a portable AC unit the right choice for your space? Let’s find out.

This article helps you select between a gas and an electric heater. There are several factors you must remember and this article aims to guide you in this. Read on to know some benefits and disadvantages of both the heaters.

This article helps you explore a few crucial facts about installing a split air condition. There are several factors you must consider before installing it. These include selecting the right spot, locating the indoor unit and much more.

A portable mist fan can be a lifesaver in extremely hot weather. You can enjoy the cooling effect produced by the water droplets. Read our blog on everything you need to know about misting fans and how to choose the right one.

Excessive humidity can be harmful to many processes and products in manufacturing plants which is why dehumidifiers are commonly used. In this blog, we discuss in detail the multiple uses of dehumidifiers in many industries.

When purchasing an AC, the first question you face is which variant to pick. The confusion between a Portable AC and Window AC is overwhelming. However, here are 4 times when customers prefer a portable AC over a Window AC.

Purchasing an AC is a decision that involves careful thinking. A lot of factors play an essential role. However, it is seen that Split ACs remain a more popular choice out of the options available. Let us have a look at why this happens.

ULV Foggers, with the use of the latest technology, is picking up pace in eradicating diseases spread through pests, insects, and locusts on the food we consume. Here’s what you need to know about the ULV fogger technologies and effective pest control.

Choose the proper AC for your space, and don’t let the weather get on you. Your little home or workspace needs the right temperature to keep the people around comfortable. Here is a guide to understand the types of ACs and find the best match for your home or office.

The cold winters make it essential to have a heating device like electric heaters in the UAE. This blog states the necessary details you need to keep in mind acknowledging special features that you can look up to in any electric heater.

Electric heaters will help you stay warm and comfortable. Buying an electric heater with the available options in the market can be a challenging task. Referring to the few points mentioned in this blog will provide the right guidance.

The cooling and heating devices in your home are the primary reason for half of your energy expenses. While you look out for comfort with changing weather, fortunately, you can find some solace with easy maintenance tips for your heating device.

While you intend to refurbish your home or think of replacing the conventional heater, try out the electric heater instead. When it’s cold outside, a warm and cozy house can bring you all the comfort you need. Here are some reasons to choose electric heaters.

Electricity bills tend to rise over time if you do not check your electricity consumption. There are several ways in which you can save on your electricity bill and reduce your appliance’s electricity usage. Here are some useful tips.

Commercial heaters can be of several types and have different features. You need to select the right commercial heater within your budget to fulfil all your requirements. Follow the points mentioned below to buy the perfect one for your space.

To get the right HV AC system, here’s a guide to help you. It’s not just a requirement but an entire procedure and requires careful contemplation and selection. Before you get one, check for benefits, size, reliability, air quality, efficiency etc. Read to know more!

Top reason to get your AC serviced during winters and its benefits. Avoid spending more in future, save energy, increased cooling capacity and optimum air quality etc. Click here to read!

A detailed note on how AC ducts need to be maintained and serviced regularly to keep you and your family healthy. It can affect the quality of air your breathing and cause many health issues that can be drastic. Read to know more!

When you make a purchase, you want your choice to be informed. By understanding what a product does, you can understand whether it is suitable for you or not. Air conditioning in this part of the world is important, and it is vital to understand what options are out there.

The hottest recorded temperature in the UAE and Dubai is upwards of 49 degrees Celsius. Air coolers are thus not a luxury but a necessity. Merely having such a device, however, is insufficient if you do not use it correctly. Read on to learn more.

With temperatures up to 49 degrees Celsius, cooling the air in an efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way is integral not only for comfort but to allow us to function optimally.

Finding the right cooling solution in the UAE is important to ensure an efficient cooling effect for a long duration. Misting fans available in standard and high-pressure models are convenient for use in indoor and outdoor areas.

Do you need a perfect cooling solution in Dubai? Portable AC is cost-efficient and eco-friendly cooling equipment to make the room cool and comfortable. Here are the qualities of a good portable AC that helps to choose the right one.

Coolers and portable air conditioners tend to be widely popular for their cooling effect and quick mobility. It is essential to choose the right product according to your requirement to ensure sufficient cooling. Here’s all you need to know about these cooling machines.

Outdoor coolers include a simple evaporative cooling system and ensure cool fresh air in any outdoor spaces. The simple eco-friendly cooling system makes it a sustainable cooling solution to use in varied outdoor areas by individuals or businesses.

Portable air conditioners use a simple environment-friendly system to provide cool and fresh air in any indoor area. They enable spot cooling in specific regions that lack cooling from the centralized AC system or require a more powerful cooling effect.

Cooling solutions are essential to ensure a comfortable atmosphere anywhere. Air coolers provide a low-cost solution to enjoy cooling at a lower price and with low-cost functioning for long. Here are how you can save using air coolers.

Wider commercial units and offices require a powerful cooling appliance to provide sufficient cooling and comfort. Air coolers can prove to be an efficient and economical alternative to expensive air conditioners. Here are some compelling reasons to use coolers in commercial spaces.

Industrial air coolers are highly efficient in maintaining the heavy load of heat generated from the constantly working machines and the atmospheric temperature. The coolers require proper servicing and maintenance to ensure durability and effective functioning.

When it comes to having natural cooling equipment, evaporative air coolers are highly popular. It includes a basic evaporative method to cool the air and ensure no pollution in the process. This article discusses the mechanism of an evaporative air cooler.

A powerful air cooler will provide effective cooling and ensure a calmer environment in the atmosphere. But it is important to choose the right model with the vital capacity and features to ensure proper cooling. Here are what you should know.

Getting a powerful cooling solution is a basic requirement when it comes to hot summer days. Air coolers are the prominent environment-friendly solution that provides sufficient cooling with no harmful effects on the environment. Here are some health benefits.

To maintain the environment relaxed, you need effective cooling solutions like portable or outdoor coolers. They use the natural evaporation to reduce the air temperature. With some natural cooling tips, you can enjoy better cooling with a cooler.

Placing a heater in your outdoor area allows you to enjoy the cool season as it offers you heat and comfort. In this article, we cover some of the lesser known facts about patio warmers.

While the purpose of a tent heater is quite evident by its name, there are a few factors about it that you might not be aware of. In this blog, we cover all that you should know about it.

If you seek to rent an outdoor patio heater, here are a few tips that will help ease the process. We also provide information on different heaters to help you make the right decision.

The heater is provided with a weight plate for extra stability, burner screen guard, thermocouple and anti-tilt security devices, and thus don’t fret about your safety, everything was thought through for you.

Electric heating itself isn’t a new technology. Gas patio heaters are incredibly easy to get. There’s a variety of kinds of gas heaters readily available, each with their own benefits and pitfalls, and you want to choose one that is going to best fit your wants. They are also available in various sizes, based on … Continue reading Propane Tower Heater for Dummies

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