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How to Ensure Efficient Cooling from Your Air Cooler this Summer
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Efficient Cooling from Your Air Cooler this Summer

When you purchase a product, it is always in the back of your mind that it will work as well as salespeople punt say it will work. You want to get the maximum benefit possible to make your capital outlay worth your while. This is especially true when your purchase is one that can make a considerable difference in your life. In an area where the heat and humidity bearing down on you unendingly, you must take appropriate steps to combat this. One of the ways in which this can be done is by optimizing the use of your indoor-outdoor air cooler. The following will outline some of the steps you can take to ensure your air cooler Dubai works effectively and efficiently.

Unit Water Temperature

When the water utilized in the machine becomes too hot, an evaporative air cooler is no longer effective. On this basis, it is more effective and efficient to utilize fairly cool water. This may cause confusion because one might imagine that the water ought to be warmer. After all, warm air evaporates faster than cold air but this is not the case for an indoor-outdoor air cooler. Utilization of cool water will augment the impact the cooler has on the air around you and ultimately lead to the cooler fulfilling its purpose with a greater measure of efficacy.


One might imagine that an evaporative machine would require moist air to function properly but this type of machine functions best in ventilated spaces perforated with dry air. This “breathability” allows for the machine to perform because the air keeps moving. Keeping windows open in the space where the cooler is situated slightly open (if inside) will allow for the movement of air and will also remove excess moisture. This is because it is not desirable for a space to be overly humid.

Proper Maintenance Of The Unit

Perhaps one of the most important things you as the owner of an air-cooler can do is to maintain the device properly. Regular servicing is key to ensure that the product keeps working properly and does not malfunction. Many businesses selling air coolers have warranties attached to the products they sell which will facilitate ease of process in this regard. While an air cooler may not require much maintenance, this does not mean that the owner must not be vigilant or must not keep the machine running when it has broken.

Ensure The Air Cooler Is In The Correct Position

This may sound obvious but where you place the air cooler makes a big difference in how well it works. This is a matter of preference and it is important to determine what works for you. When you acquire an air cooler, you may want to move it around to different positions to determine where you would like the direct, or peripheral air to be blown. You may want the fan to be directed at some places but not others, for instance. Placing the cooler in a corner in a bedroom, for example, may not be the best use of the cooler.


Paying the air cooler price in Dubai is one thing, but in the heat of the desert, you have to go a step further. It is integral that you ensure that your cooler makes as big a difference to your lives as possible or you have simply needlessly expended money on the device. These tips for how to optimize the use of your machine are indispensable to all users of air coolers all over the world. If you implement them your summer months will be far more comfortable, and we could all use a little comfort in the sweltering heat.