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Discover The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Gas And Electric Heaters
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Discover The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Gas And Electric Heaters

Choosing between a gas and electric heater may be challenging as both have a few pros and cons. You must consider several factors before selecting the appropriate heater. For instance, your heating area, your budget, and various other criteria determine whether a gas or an electric heater is suitable for your purpose. It would help if you also considered environmental factors. Remember, it is crucial to use eco-friendly heating ways to avoid unnecessary pollution. After all, global warming and climate change are some of the most severe issues of the current century. You might be confused about the kind of heater to install. For instance, you might want to install a pyramid heater, but you also feel a portable heater might be helpful at the time. Of course, you cannot install both as that is highly expensive. Thus, it is crucial to know about the pros and cons of each before you select one.

Installment And Operation Costs

The first thing to consider while selecting a gas and electric heater is comparing their costs. While, on the one hand, electric heaters have lower setup costs, gas heaters might be cost-effective in the long run. Furthermore, if you plan to heat a large area in cold places, gas heaters tend to heat the room faster than an electric heater. However, remember gas heaters have a high installation cost. Thus, your choice would depend on the span of the area you wish to heat and the place’s temperature. If the site is relatively small, installing an electric heater can be a great option.


You must also consider the lifespan of the heater you plan to install. Is the maintenance cost too high? Gas heaters have several parts that require regular maintenance. Remember, it is crucial to get your gas heaters regularly serviced to ensure the ignitors are free from carbon monoxide deposits. If you service your gas heater regularly, it can last you up to 20 years. Electric heaters are a better option in this aspect. They seldom require any maintenance and have higher longevity than gas heaters.


One of the best ways to select between gas and electric heaters is by comparing their efficiency. Electric heaters might heat your area faster than gas units if you installed a high-efficiency unit. Remember, higher efficiency and a faster healing process can help you save a lot of money. This is because you can switch off the heater whenever your rooms are heated, thereby saving electricity reducing the total number of units consumed.


Though most homeowners fail to consider this, it is crucial to check which heater is more eco-friendly and can help you reduce pollution. Though gas heaters are cheap, they might generate methane or carbon monoxide that is harmful to breathing. On the other hand, electric heaters involve the burning of fossil fuels and can lead to their depletion soon. Thus, choosing an appropriate heater from a sustainability perspective is quite challenging. However, you can install carbon mono oxide detectors to check for such gases and switch off your gas heater whenever such gases are detected.

Selecting The Right Heater

Selecting an appropriate heater might be complicated, but you can follow the abovementioned guidelines. These guidelines help you explore the pros and cons of both gas and electric heaters, thereby helping you make a decision. However, irrespective of the heater you install, make sure you clean their parts regularly to avoid the deposition of dust and other pollutants. Remember, dust accumulation can reduce the efficiency of these products. Thus, you might end up overusing them and consuming more energy than required.