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Useful Tips to Keep Your AC Functional In Summer
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Useful Tips to Keep Your AC Functional In Summer

Maintaining the performance of your AC unit is more important than buying one for your home. These cooling appliances are ideal if you have bedrooms in your home. Even the best air cooler in the UAE cannot purify the indoor air and offer the required cooling effect when your rooms are big. Here are some handy tips on making your AC offer better performance to drive that scorching heat from your room.

Consider Providing Better Aeration For Your Rooms

Rooms with proper ventilation can drive out the humidity, allowing cool air to remain in the room for a long time. You can achieve this by parting the drapes, opening the window blinds, etc. However, take care to prevent sunlight or outside hot air from entering the room.

Consider Installing An Air Cooler In The Room

Installing the best air cooler near the windows or facing the ventilator will allow you to drive the humidity effortlessly out of your room. Air coolers can purify indoor air and pull hot air from spaces effectively, making your room cool for a long time.

Clean Your AC Units Periodically

A strict AC cleaning routine will allow you to maintain your AC units. Service the AC units every quarter or at least every six months once. It will help you remove dust and grime from the appliance effectively. You can vacuum the unit, clean its outside, verify its cooling pads, etc., to prevent indoor and outdoor dust from accumulating.

Keep Your Rooms In Perfectly Closed Condition

It will aid you considerably in preserving the chilled air inside the room effectively. The cool air will not go out of the room when you close the door. You can maintain the room’s chill for a long time, even when you switch your AC unit off. It will also prevent the AC unit from overheating.

Consider Using The Ceiling Fan With Your AC Unit

Using your AC unit and ceiling fan simultaneously can keep your room cool and save energy. The fan will distribute the cool air throughout the room, quickly cooling the entire room. Thus, it will prevent the AC unit from consuming more electricity. It will also provide a long life for the appliance. Although the air cooler price in Dubai is less than the price of an AC unit, the performance of each appliance makes the difference. An AC unit can cool the entire room, which you cannot achieve by installing an air cooler.