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Five Simple Tips to Improve Efficiency of Air Coolers
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Five Simple Tips to Improve Efficiency of Air Coolers

Summer means tiring sweltering hot climate in which we require some effective cooling solutions. Although air conditioners tend to be a popular choice, air coolers are considered a better eco-friendly cooling solution. Apart from their environment-friendliness, coolers also comprise many other benefits, such as being a low-cost alternative for efficient cooling. Technological advancements have introduced various alterations to its internal mechanisms and structures, such as portable AC Dubai. All these advanced and old models fundamentally include evaporation-based cooling method. This technique includes absorption of warm air from the atmosphere, which then flows onto wet cooler pads to reduce its temperature and supplies cool air. Understanding this basic functionality, use these easy tips to increase cooling of your air cooler.

Handle Carefully

Like any other machine, air coolers would also serve you long if it’s used with care and caution. Placing them on uneven spaces, trying to shift a non-portable air cooler when it’s running, and other such interrupting activities can cause serious damage to it.

Clean it Before Use

In the complete evaporative cooling process, air coolers tend to attract dust which gets accumulated in their cooling components of the machine. Prior to usage, clean the cooling pads properly to make it dust-free. It is beneficial wise to replace a completely damaged cooling pad. The water tank must also be cleaned and checked for any leaks to avoid further damage. Wiping off its fan blades will make the machine fresh from performing more efficiently.

Keep the Room Ventilated

As room coolers involve natural methods, the room should be highly ventilated to efficient cooling in the area. A constant airflow will allow the air cooler units to absorb more air for cooling. However, effective ventilation will also support in expelling humidity in the outdoor areas.

Place It Before the Window

This will help attract direct airflow into the machine that is capable of accelerating overall cooling process. Air cooler shall easily suck in more atmospheric air to give out chilled and fresh air with quicker evaporation. To manage air supply into the machine, you may just simply make adjustments to windows.

Saturate the Cooler Pads

When you pour in water to refill the tank inside your cooler, let it flow through the pump and reach the cooling wet pads. This will ensure water supply to the cooling components and make them ready before turning it on. After completely filling the tank, you will be able to enjoy quicker cooling effect on turning the air cooler on.

Other supportive measures such as shutting the curtains or drapes and turning off excess lights will reduce heat trapped inside the atmosphere and thus increase the air cooler’s efficiency.