Situations Where Portable Air Conditioners Are Better Than
Four Times a Portable AC Is Preferable Over a Window AC
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In summers, it becomes challenging to deal with the oppressive heat. Nowadays, purchasing an AC is the only option left for the customers. It has led to the market growing constantly. New variants of ACs enter the market every day.

There is a continuous tussle between the Portable Air conditioner and Window AC. Both the variants have their pros and cons. While one is more convenient, the other is much more efficient. Since ACs are an expensive purchase, it is essential to analyze all the factors involved. Here we will tell you four instances when a customer would prefer a portable AC over a Window AC.

No Proper Window Is Available

The biggest con of a window AC is that it needs an appropriate Window for installation. These ACs need open windows that can easily accommodate the AC. However, if a person does not have such windows in his home, he would choose a Portable AC.

The portable AC can be installed in sliding windows without any glitches. The portable AC could also be installed in windows blocked by grates by using the proper tools.

The Building Has Specific Rules for AC Installation

There are apartments where they have imposed rules about which AC installation is permitted. Window ACs are a strict no-no. It leads to the customers being left with not many options. They have to opt for a Portable AC.

For example, in New York, some rules stop customers from blocking fire escapes by installing a window unit. When installing an AC, the customer must therefore check the local rules. Non-adherence to the rules could impose a penalty.

Need to Use The Window

If you install a Window AC, naturally, you cannot open the Window. That particular area gets blocked for any other use. The window cannot function as a normal one for the next four months, which could be depressing after a point.

In such a situation, a Portable AC remains a better option. It is simple to cool the room and keep your windows operating simultaneously.

Supporting a Central HVAC System

Often, the Portable ACs are suitable when you want to support your home’s central AC system. If the home AC is non-operational, at least the portable AC would be there. Also, if you need to cool a particular room like a bedroom, you can give a preference to a Portable AC. If your central system is up for servicing, your home remains cool in the sweltering heat.

In Conclusion

The above are just four times when people choose portable ACs. If you want to buy Portable AC in Dubai, you should consider these factors. This would guide you in making the right call.