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Here’s How an Evaporative Cooler Works
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Here’s How an Evaporative Cooler Works

Widely popular for its economic nature, evaporative air cooler Dubai is an effective cooling solution. As compared to a new air conditioner, these air coolers consume less energy and provide efficient cooling in the area. Apart from energy efficiency, they are also characterized by various benefits, eco-friendliness being the topmost advantage. To understand the remarkable benefit of air coolers, it is essential to understand the basic functionality of evaporative air coolers.

In simple terms, evaporative cooling is a natural process usually found in the human body. During sweltering hot summer days, when our body gets all sweaty, we feel some sort of cooling effect when the sweat evaporates due to the external heat. The same mechanism is responsible for the cooler breezes found across riverside and seashores during the hot and humid climate. Evaporative coolers consist of a simple cooling mechanism that uses this evaporation technique to cool the air passing through them.

Inside an evaporative air cooler, there are three major parts – Water tank, Cooling pads, and Fan blades. Using these major components and other supportive elements, the evaporative cooling in the coolers functions in the following steps:

Warm Air Is Absorbed

The evaporative air cooler sucks in hot air from the atmosphere through the rotating fan on the backside. To ensure proper airflow, it is beneficial to place the air cooler in front of any window. This will increase the amount of air supply through the fan blades into the cooling pads.

Hot Air Passes Through Cooler Pads

The cooling honeycomb pads inside the evaporative coolers are constantly maintained wet through sufficient water supply from the water tank inside the appliance. The warm air sucked into the cooler is flown onto these wet pads for cooling.

Warm Air Causes Evaporation

When the hot air reaches the wet cooling pads, the heat energy evaporates water from the cooling pads. In this process, the water gets transformed from a liquid into a gaseous form. Meanwhile, the warm air loses its heat energy and gradually becomes cooler and humid due to the water presence.

Cool and Humid Air Flows Out

This cool and moist air then flows out into the room through another fan to offer a cooler and comfortable atmosphere in the surrounding.

This entire process gets repeated until the water tank gets empty and it receives a sufficient power supply to function. The two prominent natural components – water and heat – play primary roles in this cooling process to offer naturally cooled and processed air free of dust and other pollutants. The absence of chemical components makes this evaporative cooler Dubai highly suitable for the environment without any harmful and toxic gas emissions.