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Everything You Need to Know About ULV Foggers
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Everything You Need to Know About ULV Foggers

With the increasing population, there are a lot of other pets and diseases on the rise. We must be careful of what we eat. Most of the time, the food purchased at the store has been infected with pets like rodents, locusts, and more. Food supplies in Dubai and anywhere in the world must be checked for any deadly diseases. If these food items are consumed without checking, then the health of humans is at risk.

It isn’t easy to spray every product from the farm with medicines. However, the only effective and proven successful is spraying the harvest with pesticides. One way to spray the crop with pesticides is by using the ULV foggers. It is a handy machine that has proved effective in many places apart from operating in the fields. One can use the ULV foggers in commercial or residential premises to disinfect the area of any virus.

What Is ULV Foggers?

Most of us are not accustomed to the use of ULV fogger. ULV fogger machines come in different sizes and with the newest technologies. These ULV foggers spray disinfectants, like pesticides and chemicals on plants. They are even used to disinfect homes and workspace. ULV foggers is a technology where the Ultra Low Volume spray is sprayed in fog on the surface. The spray or mist covers a larger area making it convenient and quicker.

Where Are ULV Foggers Used?

Significant Indoor and Outdoor Events

Whenever there is an indoor or outdoor event, we often experience a considerable crowd. Huge gatherings make the place susceptible or prone to contamination. It is essential o disinfect the area before or after the event to avoid spreading viral infection. These ULV foggers are very handy when it comes to spraying large spaces. It cleans even the most left out or challenging places where a simple cleaning tool wouldn’t reach.

Agricultural Sectors

Agricultural sectors are where these ULV foggers have proved effective. They are highly accurate and cover a large area. Many shops and warehouses store large bags of food products, including grains. Rodents mostly attack these food grains. To avoid further damage to the harvest and preserved food grains, owners spray these food items with pesticides. The human contact with these pesticides is minimal as these ULV foggers do the job very accurately.

Animal Farms

Farms is another place these ULV foggers are significantly used. Farms have a lot of livestock, and if one animal is infected, the entire herd gets infected. It creates a loss for the owner. It is impossible to pick the infected animals from hundreds of livestock and treat them with medicines and fungicides. The best and most effective way is the timely use of ULV foggers and spraying insecticides, medications, and other chemicals to control and avoid mass infection of the livestock.

Things to Keep in Mind About the ULV Foggers

  • The engine works on electricity or fuel.
  • The ULV fogger machine is light and handy.
  • The air pressure used to spray can be controlled
  • One can choose the number of nozzles used for the spray or fog.
  • Highly efficient and reaches the most complex areas of the site.