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Outdoor Patio Heater for Sale Dubai
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Outdoor Patio Heater for Sale Dubai

Whether you are looking for a mushroom patio heater, or outdoor pyramid patio heaters for sale, SORSbuy has all your residential and commercial heating needs covered. Based in Dubai, we are a leading outdoor heater supplier company offering patio heaters and to help you keep the environment warm. Patio heaters are known to generate heat using fuel-based methods such as burning propane and natural gas or through electricity. Unlike regular outdoor heaters, this equipment emits flame and heat that radiation that allows for a warm and cozy space instead of only blowing out hot hair. Keep your restaurant setup or any outdoor event or party warmer this winter using high-quality gas patio heaters for sale at SORSbuy. Our expansive collection of varied designs and coverage range such as mushroom heater and pyramid heaters, enables you to pick the most suitable patio heater at best price.

The enclosed design of our outdoor gas heater makes it a safe form of heating used for a longer duration. As aforementioned, we offer a wide variety of civil defense approved modern design outdoor gas patio heaters for sale that add to the aesthetics and keep you warm in the cool climate. From freestanding to wall mount heaters, our patio heater collection covers it all under one roof at an affordable price without compromising their quality. With special consideration to durability and unfavorable weather conditions, we also offer waterproof patio heaters and quartz tube heaters that are long-lasting and highly water-resistant than glass tubes. To learn more about our product range or buy a patio heater, get in touch with us today. We proudly serve customers across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the wider emirates, delivering an unrivaled service. Free pickup is available from our warehouse in Al Quoz.


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Why Choose to Buy Patio Heaters?


Our range of fuel-based, gas, and electric patio heaters for sale come with various features like adjustable power supply. Buy a patio heater with wheels for portability and enhanced flexibility in use.


Fixed either with a stable base structure or our unique tripod floor stand, our freestanding outdoor patio heaters for sale are versatile to fit in any outdoor party or event with tents. Buy a patio heater with remote control and touch buttons allow for diversity in operation.


From single and slimline halogen heating lamps to high-end carbon fiber lamps, our pyramid heaters for sale are designed using quality materials that provide efficient heating.

Modular Designs

Apart from providing warmth, our outdoor patio heater for sale comes in multi-color LEDs to fit in well with the event decoration or your restaurant set-up. Stylish modern designs like mushroom heater or pyramid heaters.

Safe to Operate

With varied unique features like anti-tilting and automatic shut-off systems, our gas patio heaters for sale are built with immense care for a safer experience along with efficiency and reliability. Moreover, they are all civil defence approved.

Our Outdoor Patio Heater Collection

Halogen Heater

Widely used during the cooler climate, the halogen heater is an ideal solution to heat any outdoor space. They generate high levels of heat which makes it suitable for patios as well as outdoor events.

Quartz Tube Pyramid Heater

Our quartz tube pyramid heaters for sale is the perfect choice to keep yourself and your guests warm during the chilly weather. It produces an actual flame to keep its surroundings warm.

Mushroom Heater

Ideally, mushroom heaters use infrared technology that enables them to heat objects instead of the air. We offer mushroom heater for sale that is an ideal solution for any customer seeking warmth and comfort and also wants to save on gas bills.

Pyramid Heater Vs Mushroom Heater – Guide to Making the Right Choice

Do you want to learn more about mushroom and pyramid heaters, and how to choose between them? We can help! Mushroom heater is comparatively a better solution to help keep an outdoor space warm and cozy. These gas patio heaters are suitable to use in small spaces, where people are walking or standing. Mushroom heater is available in various styles and sizes for sale, along with different metal types such as stainless steel. Buy a mushroom patio heater at the best price and host your perfect party by providing your guests with the comforting warmth.

However, pyramid heaters provide plenty of warmth on outdoor decks with a pleasant appearance, making them highly suitable to use at restaurants. Pyramid heaters work efficiently, and we offer this patio heater at reasonable price to use at outdoor parties, tent events, and more. That said, all of our patio heaters for sale require professional installation for safety purposes.

To conclude, buy a mushroom patio heater higher heating is your major requirement and you wish to cover wider spaces. Pyramid heaters, though, are more suitable for smaller spaces, especially places where you need a much enclosed patio heater for safety. A patio heater has low installation cost, price and needs minimal maintenance. Our gas patio heaters are highly durable amongst customers in Dubai and across the UAE.