Patio Heater Dubai

Patio Heater Dubai

Unlike sweltering summers, winters in Dubai demand the right heating equipment like an outdoor patio heater to keep the environment warm. Patio heaters generate heat using fuel-based methods such as burning propane and natural gas or through electricity. Unlike regular outdoor heaters, patio heaters emit heat radiation that keeps the atmosphere warm, instead of just blowing out hot air. Make your restaurant set-up or any other outdoor event warmer this winter using high-quality patio heaters available at SORSbuy. Our expansive collection in varied designs and different coverage range enables you to pick the one most suitable for your requirement.

The enclosed design makes it a safer form of heater for prolonged use. We offer a wide variety of modern design patio heater in Dubai to add to the aesthetics of the setting and warmth. Whether you need a freestanding or wall mount heaters, we have it all under one roof at affordable prices with no compromise on quality. With special consideration for durability, we also offer waterproof patio heater models and quartz tube heater that are long-lasting and highly water-resistant than glass tubes. Browse through our extensive collection and choose a patio heater that matches your requirements.


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Benefits of Our Patio Heaters?


Our range of fuel-based or electric patio heaters come with various features like adjustable power supply and wheels for portability for enhanced flexibility in use.


Fixed either with a stable base structure or our unique tripod floor stand, our freestanding patio heaters are versatile to fit in any set-up. Remote control and touch buttons allow for diversity in operation.


From single and slimline halogen heating lamps to high-end carbon fiber lamps, our patio heaters are designed using quality materials that provide efficient heating.

Modular Designs

Along with providing warmth, our patio heater range comes in various stylish modern designs and multi-color LEDs to fit in well with the event decoration or your restaurant set-up.

Safe to Operate

With varied unique features like anti-tilting and automatic shut-off systems, our patio heaters are built with immense care for safer experience along with efficiency and reliability.

Where to Place Outdoor Patio Heaters

Patio heaters come with a diverse rate of heat radius. They should be placed strategically at the right distance from the sitting area to provide uniform warmth across the place. A specific pattern for arranging all the patio heaters can help avoid creating cold spots and overheated areas due to improper placement of two heaters. To prevent unwanted accidents, avoid tilting freestanding standalone heaters at an angle. If you wish to disburse heat in a specific direction, choose fixed wall-mount heaters as they offer flexibility. Unless it’s a waterproof model, ensure the outdoor patio heater is at a safer distance from water.