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Is Having Ductless HVAC Systems a Good Idea
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Is Having Ductless HVAC Systems a Good Idea

Is a ductless HVAC system an ideal choice for your home? If you are finding it challenging to decide, then this article is for you. With summer approaching, many are looking forward to installing the latest air conditioning units. However, portable AC units in Dubai are gaining popularity.

Ductless HVAC systems are also known as a mini-split unit. These units are efficient and offer continuous comfort to any home. However, it also depends on the requirements of the homeowner. Let’s take a quick look at the various pros and cons they offer.


Space Efficient

Unlike the regular units that need to be installed on a wall or the floor, a ductless unit can be utilized in almost every room. These units are compact and can be utilized even in the tightest spaces, thereby making them space-efficient. Since these units can operate by drilling a tiny hole in the wall, they are less susceptible to security issues and air leakage. Furthermore, they have reduced sounds and are visible.


Ductless units are known for their energy efficiency. More than 25% of energy is lost in an average household on account of ductwork. Ductless units have compressors that are inverter-driven that increase and decrease the speed depending on the requirements. It does not turn off completely as the traditional compressors do. It is a noted fact that when compressors start up, they consume plenty of energy.

Easy Installation

A user can install ductless units easily without hiring a handy person. The unit is enclosed with an installation manual, which explains the installation in a detailed manner. All you need to do is follow the instructions and you’re good to go.


Increased Pricing

Ductless units are very expensive in comparison to window units. Therefore, if you are planning to replace your central cooling system with a ductless unit, it will cost you three times as much. It’s agreed that the electricity bill will be less, but for you to cash in on this, it completely depends on the climate and how much you are utilizing the unit.


The maintenance of a ductless AC is a tad more than for a regular one. You will have to wash the filters of the unit once a month. This can increase depending on certain factors, like having pets or smoking. You cannot neglect this factor because ductless fans are not equipped to handle debris. If the debris has not been cleaned for a long time, you will require a professional to handle the situation. This can be an expensive affair and also lead to reducing the lifespan of the unit.


Many buyers are initially very hesitant to purchase ductless units as they are not very design-friendly. These units are available in beige and white, therefore offering the buyer a limited choice. These units cannot be covered, thereby making them unable to blend with the room décor. There have been plenty of reviews of buyers that were initially reluctant on account of the aesthetics, but after utilizing the unit, the advantages superseded the aesthetics.

There are numerous types of bases available in the market, but which one suits your requirements best is something that you need to decide. If you are keen on investing in a portable AC, you can get one from one of your nearest dealers in Dubai. The portable ac price in Dubai is affordable and light on your pocket.