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Portable Air Conditioner
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Portable Air Conditioner

If you need a compact and power-efficient cooling system for your space, our portable air conditioner is the ideal choice. It is an effective and power efficient machine that helps regulate the indoor temperature. As the name suggests, portable air conditioner need not be installed permanently that makes it a suitable medium for outdoor spaces. Additionally, it is also ideal to use in areas without an AC window unit. At SORSbuy, our portable air conditioner range is available across various designs at a different price range. The compact portable air conditioner is equipped with a unique flexible discharge duct that can provide cooling to a specific spot in any area.

As every portable AC is fitted with wheels, transporting them becomes easy and convenient. Apart from providing cool air, these AC units also act as dehumidifiers and give a fresher and comfortable atmosphere in the space. Built-in with larger tanks, our products are capable of providing cooling for a longer duration. We provide a wide range from compact AC units for small rooms to larger multi-duct units for industries. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, and we’ll procure an ideal portable AC in Dubai suitable to your individual needs.


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How Do They Work?

The portable air conditioner functions using a refrigeration system. The machine pulls in hot and humid air from the atmosphere. This air then passes over cooling coils in which refrigerants are circulated, thus cooling the air. This leads to condensation and moisture extraction, which drips into the drain water tank fitted in the portable AC. The cool air is then released out through the front unit, and an exhaust hose in the heat released out in this whole process vented out through the exhaust hose. Thus, a portable air conditioner cools the air as well as dehumidifies the area.

Why Choose to Buy Portable Air Conditioners?

The soaring temperature in the atmosphere during hot summer necessitates having a portable AC in Dubai. Portable air conditioner is an advanced and compact machine that provides cool air using evaporative cooling technology. With various cooling devices available at the diverse price range, here are few compelling factors as to why it is apt to buy a portable AC:

  • With affordable portable AC price in Dubai, they are highly cost-effective and energy efficient compared to an advanced central air conditioning system.
  • The easy portability allows regulating the temperature of the regions, otherwise unreached by the standard fixed ACs.
  • Portable AC does not need technical installation processes.