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Qualities To Look For In A Portable Air Conditioner
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Qualities To Look For In A Portable Air Conditioner

Cooling solutions are one of the necessities of the UAE. With the varying portable AC price in Dubai, you must choose the most cost-effective solution. Portable air conditioners are not only cost-efficient than centralized ones but also easy in terms of installation. They provide instant cooling, and some models also offer advanced features. Getting the right portable AC model with the appropriate functions and capacity can help ensure sufficient cooling in the atmosphere. Check for the following features to buy a good mobile AC unit.

Power Specifications

The power consumption rates mentioned in British Thermal Units (BTU) helps determine the cooling capacity of the portable AC. A unit with a high BTU value can offer advanced cooling in the atmosphere. However, the cooling efficiency will also depend on the room size too. The environmental conditions and room heat level may also impact the AC cooling power. Evaluate the entire room space and conditions to choose the right model based on these requirements.

Space For Exhaust Hose

You must first ensure that the room you wish to place the portable air conditioner has a window space to fix the AC unit’s exhaust hose properly. The hot air is released by the unit through this hose, and it is important to vent it out properly. Mostly all the portable ACs come with an exhaust hose that needs to be properly placed so that the hot air flows out.

Easy Maintenance

This is a major advantage of using a portable air conditioner. Choose the correct portable AC that requires minimal maintenance with simple steps that you can perform at home. The only maintenance a proper portable AC requires is the removal of the water collected in the drain tank inside it. Either you can attach a hose to the drain system to manually remove the moisture collected. Sometimes the tank is removable, and you can easily empty it and place it again.


Picking the advanced model that makes less noise and is approves by the brand for the same. The air conditioners tend to create sound as they deal with air and constantly supplies cold airflow into the atmosphere. But the amount of noise produced will vary depending on the brand and technology used in its manufacturing. The minimum noise level available in portable air conditioners is around 45 decibels.


To have a sustainable life by protecting nature and natural resources, you need to make wise eco-friendly choices. So, look for the energy efficiency ratio on the portable AC units that indicates the amount of power it consumes.