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Use Your Air Conditioner Efficiently And Save On Electricity Bills
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Use Your Air Conditioner Efficiently And Save On Electricity Bills

Over the last decade, global temperatures have kept on soaring. This has led to an increase in the usage of cooling devices. An air conditioner is more of a necessity, with every household having more than one split air conditioner.

However, this means a huge power bill awaits you. The use of the AC consumes a lot of power. This, when translated into monetary terms, would increase the burden on the user.

Obviously, you do not want to fend off such a huge expense. That is why there are measures suggested to keep the power bill reduced. Here we will talk about all these measures. This will ensure that the next time you get your power bill, you do not get stressed out.

Set High Temperature

We assume that if it is very hot, we have to keep reducing the AC’s temperature setting. Most of the people in Dubai alter between 20-23°C during extreme summers. However, this as a habit should be discouraged.

By maintaining low temperatures, you are increasing the load on the AC. It also forces the AC to consume extra power. Try and raise the temperature to 24–25°C and see the difference in your energy consumption. You can apply the same principle in the winter as well.

Replace Old AC Units

If you are using old AC units, remember that your power bills will never come down. Nowadays, ACs come with energy efficiency ratings. Check the rating on your current ACs.

If the AC has a low energy efficiency rating, it is better to replace the unit. Make sure that you purchase a unit with very high ratings. This small effort would only bring your power bills down to a considerable extent. While buying a new AC, keep the room size and number of windows in mind.

Only Cool Spaces Which You Are Using

We often cool the entire home even though we are sitting in one room. But that is a practice that you should largely avoid. Only put air conditioning on for the room that is occupied. If there are other people in the house, you can see if they can sit together.

You could also use a portable AC, which you can move around as per your requirements. The unnecessary running of the AC should be stopped. Also, ask your family members to follow this practice diligently.

An air conditioner nowadays is the need of the hour. For sweltering temperatures, buying a floor standing air conditioner could be an optimum choice. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to check the energy ratings to keep power bills under control.