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How Are Air Coolers Safe for Our Health?
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How are Air Coolers Safe For Our Health?

Whether in residential spaces or wider office spaces, air cooler Dubai is a comparatively sustainable form of cooling solution available in the market. Right from their affordability, effective cooling to cost-effective maintenance, air coolers are widely considered as a better solution, among others. However, the inherent health benefits of this natural cooling machine are unknown to many. As compared to the advanced cooling solutions such as air conditioners, coolers comprise more nature-friendly mechanisms that have minimal impact on our health. Here are few health benefits of using air coolers.

Efficient Heat Control

This is the basic health benefit of using air coolers. Using the evaporation method, coolers offer effective temperature control to avoid dehydration and other harmful heat effects. To manage the scorching heat in the UAE, having a proper cooling system becomes essential. It is also helpful in avoiding serious health issues such as heat strokes.

No Release of Harmful Pollutants

Comparing air conditioners and coolers, as they are commonly used cooling solutions, the fundamental difference is the use of chemical refrigerants. Unlike air conditioning units, coolers do not use any artificial chemicals for cooling and don’t release pollution-causing gases while functioning. Air coolers only require proper ventilation and airflow to provide cool air.

Humidifies the Air

Coolers consist of simple cooling systems that use water and air to make the atmosphere cooler. In the process, the water from the cooler pads is released into the atmospheric air. It adds humidity to the air and acts as a humidifier. The humid air provides a highly conducive and comfortable atmosphere, as it helps moisturize and nurture the skin. As compared to dry air, humid atmospheres are high on breathability.

Improve Air Quality

Air conditioning units function in enclosed spaces, and hence they cool and circulate the same air repeatedly. The use of chemicals in it also adds to the air pollutants present in the atmosphere. Whereas air coolers not only cool the air but also removes pollutants by absorbing them onto the cooler pads like a filter. The wet pads easily trap the pollutants and dust and give out cooler and healthier air into space.

Avoid Over Cooling Hazards

As our body requires a controlled temperature to stay calm and relaxed. Air coolers provide a healthy and manageable level of cooling, preventing harmful respiratory diseases. It also doesn’t release toxic gases such as CO2 into the atmosphere while functioning, and it also consumes minimal energy. This helps in maintaining the overall atmospheric temperature in the long run.