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Which Is the Ideal Air Conditioner for You?
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Which Is the Ideal Air Conditioner for You?

Mostly people are under the impression that having installing an AC in the house or workspace is enough. Installation of a proper AC for your space is essential. If you compare all the appliances, AC is among the most used and necessary appliances in the household or workspace in Dubai.

We all know Dubai experiences extreme heat, and it is not possible to survive without air coolers and air conditioners. As per the builders and homeowners, most houses, apartments, and commercial spaces have a pre-installed AC and split air conditioner. However, if you are confused about the type of air conditioner you require, here’s the perfect guide.

We have prepared a simple guide that will help you select the right AC that offers sufficient cooling inside your space.

Central AC

If you have a big apartment or a villa with many bedrooms or large rooms, you should opt for a central AC. the reason is simple, central AC cools the entire space faster and quicker as it has a split system. One unit removes the hot air from the room while the other fills the room with cool air. Most people prefer using the central AC, the split AC, for convenience and cooling ability. One of the advantages of using the central AC is that it cools the space faster and keeps the house’s humidity in check.


Mini-split air conditioners are convenient air cooling systems for small and cozy spaces. These mini-splits are convenient if only a small portion of the house or workspace needs to be cooled. These are also known as Ductless Mini Splits. These AC’s come in two units- one indoor unit must be fixed on the wall while the other unit comprising the compressor and condenser must be mounted outside the room. One can afford to use or install multiple mini splits in various rooms as the temperature of each room can be controlled as per personal preference. These are easy to install and look very appealing.

Window AC

You would have widely seen this type of air conditioner in olden times. They are convenient and affordable too. Like the Mini Split Ac, these units are also used to cool individual rooms. Smaller spaces cool faster and quicker when window ac is installed. These come in a single unit, are mainly installed on windows, and are available in various sizes. This window ac operates on one unit. It takes in the hot air from the room, throws it out from the outside of the unit, and then brings in a new perspective on the indoor side. It’s only now people have installed the latest technology ACs into their homes otherwise these window ac were the most widely and pocket-friendly Air-conditioned used.

Portable AC

The portable ones are easy to handle and comfortable to use across various spaces. These air conditioners are portable and can be moved from one room to another. The single unit has a long funnel-like pipe near a window to throw the indoor air out. This large funnel works as an exhaustion pipe. These portable ACs are very light and are easy to install. Overall its a good, budget-friendly, and easy-to-access air conditioning for a small space.

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Buy an AC:

We have briefly given you the various air conditioning used in most household and commercial spaces; it is time we highlight a few things to keep in mind before you buy air conditioning for your space.

1. Budget

If you search for a budget-friendly AC, you should opt for a window AC or a portable air conditioner available in Dubai.

2. Space

Buying a central AC for a small space can be a waste of investment. If you have a small space, it is best not to buy the central AC. These air conditioners are more feasible for large halls, like conference rooms at the workspace or villas.

3. Its ability to cool

In a place like Dubai, one will require a faster cooling AC. Hence one must opt for a quicker cooling ac like the Split AC or central AC.