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Thermal Screening Cameras
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Thermal Screening Cameras

SORSbuy is a leading thermal camera supplier in Dubai. Our products ensure accurate and reliable temperature detection. Thermal cameras use advanced infrared radiation detection to measure a passerby’s body temperature efficiently. They are highly useful in public spaces that experience heavy footfall as it helps avoid delayed movement that would otherwise come with manual checking. The quick infrared radiation imaging enables thermal screening cameras to detect multiple person’s temperatures simultaneously.

With advanced face-detection technology, our thermal screening cameras provide an easier means to store temperature data along with the person’s facial shape specification. Thermal screening cameras enable temperature detection of people across a range and thereby facilitates social distancing guidelines. We offer a variety of screening cameras to fit in the requirement of your space, such as office, apartment, or buildings. They are also equipped with an auto audio alarm to detect and indicate an unusual body temperature.


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How Effective are Thermal Imaging Systems?

As it detects temperature by mapping the infrared radiation, thermal imaging systems are high on accuracy. With rapid temperature detection, thermal screening cameras can offer a superior image and easily detect temperature. It allows for a complete contactless temperature detection system, thus higher on safety with no manual involvement. They enable a cost-effective as well as accurate means of temperature detection in an area. There are a few advanced benefits that make thermal imaging an appropriate screening technique:

Low-Light Situations

As they don’t function based on light reflection, they are equally efficient in any space irrespective of the lighting utilized.

Prolonged Functioning

Complete automation enables fatigue-less collection of data.

Key Features of Our Thermal Cameras

With a big focus on the present situation requirement, we offer a wide variety of thermal cameras with advanced face capture technologies. We provide a broad selection of temperature detection devices with various features across the varied price range to fit your specific needs. Here are the key elements of our thermal cameras:

Auto Audio Alarm

This system allows us to spot and indicate any unusual temperature quickly.

Wide Detection Range

The devices are equipped to detect temperature from a range of 0.6 to 1 meter.

Advanced Thermal Imaging Chip

The high-end technology has temperature tolerance at +/-0.2c