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Why Are Coolers Best for Commercial Spaces?
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Why Are Coolers Best for Commercial Spaces?

The working environment at any office or other commercial unit is mainly influential on employees’ productivity and efficiency. A hot and sweltering condition can make the workers tired and uncomfortable that in turn impacts their working hours. Constant exposure to a high level of heat can also cause serious health-related issues. Effective cooling solutions like a portable air conditioner can help maintain the workspace environment with a constant supply of natural cool air. With the simple evaporative cooling system, they can efficiently control the air temperature and quality. Air coolers are the best cooling solution for commercial units due to the following reasons:

Keep the Machines Calm

The surrounding temperature significantly impacts heavy-duty machines, computers, and other electronic devices. These machines constantly release a large amount of heat which in turn increases the room temperature. As air conditioners are meant for working in limited for indoor cooling purposes, air coolers are ideal for absorbing this heavy atmospheric heat and converting it into cool and humid air. This will ensure a cool and controlled atmosphere inside the commercial units suitable for the equipment.

Efficient Cooling in Open Areas

A powerful industrial air cooler can provide cooling across a wider space with a heavy heat load. Based on the natural evaporation method, they can work better in open office spaces with a constant fresh air supply. For providing sufficient cooling in large factories or warehouses, air coolers will be an ideal solution to create an adequate cooling impact. Unlike air conditioners, coolers do not require an enclosed and packed environment to provide proper cooling.

Highly Economical

As an air cooler price in Dubai is much lesser than that of an air conditioner or other high-end cooling solution, they are the most economical alternative to create a cooling environment in commercial spaces. With minimal price and installation charges, air coolers are a highly cost-effective cooling solution. The maintenance and service requirement and related cost of air coolers are also low as they don’t comprise any complex mechanism.


The simple evaporation mechanism makes air coolers highly energy-saving. With minimal power consumption and a simple evaporative cooling method, air coolers can be highly beneficial for cooling larger commercial spaces. As per the general report, air coolers require only 20% of the amount of electricity consumed by air conditioners to offer the same cooling effect.

Environment Safe

The harmful effects of chemical refrigerants present in air conditioners are many, and they cause a serious impact on the natural environment. Air coolers use natural cooling method and hence doesn’t release any pollutants or toxic chemical components into the air.