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All You Need to Know About Industrial Air Coolers
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All You Need to Know About Industrial Air Coolers

With an increasing number of factories and other commercial units, industrial air cooler in UAE has gained much popularity. These heavy-duty air coolers are highly efficient in creating a cooler and comfortable atmosphere in larger working spaces such as factories, restaurants, warehouses, banquet halls, or other open grounds. Available in advanced designs and sturdy structures made out of quality metals, these coolers are an economical and effective solution for creating a cooling effect for a long.

Influential on Productivity

The working environment plays a major role in determining the workers’ productivity. It is important to maintain the temperature and atmosphere inside the working area. The constant functioning of large machines and the use of chemical substances lead to the continuous accumulation of heat. Exposure to this kind of environment for a longer period can also cause damage to the machines and other equipment. Only powerful industrial air coolers can help manage this stifling atmosphere to create a much cooler temperature inside these commercial units. Along with the cooling effect, they also control humidity in the air to ensure better air quality and proper ventilation inside the industries. These efforts combine to increase both worker’s efficiency as well as the durability of the machine.

How to Maintain Industrial Air Coolers?

Just like our vehicles that require proper and timely maintenance to function efficiently for long, industrial coolers also need to be serviced at frequent intervals to have a long life. As it processes the air that is the basic component of our lives, it is crucial to ensure that these coolers are in proper condition to provide a healthy environment. With simple frequent checking and cleaning, the industrial air coolers will offer a clean and hygienic atmosphere for a long duration. Here are some basic maintenance tips you must know:

  • The cooling pads must be checked for any damage. It should be properly cleaned to remove all the accumulated dust and allergens. In case of a completely damaged cooler pad, they should be replaced with the correct compatible ones.
  • As the machine deals with water, it is important to look for leakages and holes. It should be immediately rectified to prevent further damage.
  • The accumulating debris may also fall into the water tank and contaminate the water used for cooling the air. Ensure the tank is completely clean and clear before refilling it for usage.
  • The fan blades of the cooler must be clean and lubricated. As the industrial cooler might absorb a heavy load of dirt and dust from the atmosphere, the fan blades may often become overloaded and stuck due to dust collection. Lubricating the blades with proper oil and grease will allow the cooler to function properly to ensure constant cooling.