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Mist Cooling Fans UAE
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Mist Cooling Fans UAE

Beat the sweltering heat in Dubai with SORSbuy’s extensive range of the misting fan. Regular fans simply blow out hot air present in the atmosphere, whereas a misting fan takes it a step further to cool the air by emitting mist – tiny water droplets through the mist ring. It is an apt solution to buy a misting fan for cooling vast outdoor spaces or indoor areas in the UAE. Choose from our variety of misting fan, including wall-mounted and portable mist fan, depending on your venue’s spatial limitations and for installation convenience. It helps create a soothing environment anywhere in Dubai.

We aim to provide you the perfect solution for creating a more relaxed environment for your employees at worksites or companies in Dubai through our range of the industrial misting fan. By keeping our mist fan price reasonable, at SORSbuy, we strive to ensure that our products fit everyone’s budgets with the best quality. Equipped with advanced technology for creating the finest mists, our unique mist fan, such as High-Pressure mist cooling fans, provides an uncompromised cooling effect.


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Our Range of Misting Fans

Industrial Misting Fan

Our Industrial misting fan is fitted with a novel fast centrifugal misting disc motor for improved cooling. They are mainly used in agriculture, food, chemical, and petroleum industries, where the atmosphere tends to be relatively warm. Equipped with 52 liters high capacity tanks, our efficient and high-cooling industrial misting fan ensures prolonged functioning.

Portable Misting Fan

From healthy grills to water splash protected motors, we provide advanced portable misting fan in UAE. They are available in different sizes, ranging from the smallest NDCF18 portable misting fan to the 26CMF52A portable misting fan.

Wall Misting Fan

Our wall misting fan in Dubai is available in varied forms, including the high-end 50% energy-saving wall misting fan and compact space-saving WFCD1. Built-in with improved misting discs, multiple speed modes, and much more.

Centrifugal Mist Cooling Fan

With the ability to produce the finest mists, our centrifugal mist cooling fans in Dubai are the best in the market, providing an optimal cooling effect. They can create the finest mists, which is as small as 10 microns.

High-Pressure Mist Cooling Fan

Powered by high-end technology misting discs, our high-pressure mist fan is known to deliver immense cooling anywhere in the UAE. They are well-built in a compact design with rollers on the bottom for easy portability.

Why Choose to Buy Misting Fans

Arguably the most significant advantage of mist fan is their portability. Unlike fixed electric fans, they can be transported with ease to your desired location. With no chemicals involved, a misting fan is also an eco-friendly means for cooling the atmospheric air in the UAE. Apart from mist fan price being low, there are a few more unique advantages of it:

  • With minimal energy consumption, it efficiently helps in cooling the atmosphere naturally.
  • Built with high-quality metals and components, the misting fan is highly durable.
  • A misting fan also has an added advantage of managing allergies by reducing pollens present in the air.