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Distinguishing Between Portable Air Conditioners and Coolers
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Distinguishing Between Portable Air Conditioners and Coolers

Before finding the best air cooler in UAE, you need first to understand the basic factors that make a portable air conditioner different from an air cooler. Often used interchangeably, portable coolers and air conditioners are often confused with being one due to their similar appearance and cooling function. But they are fundamentally different in various tangents. Here is a brief guide to help you distinguish between portable air coolers and air conditioners.

Portable Air Conditioner

Unlike complex air conditioning system, portable ones provide efficient cooling without needing any major permanent installations. Hence, it’s ideal for apartments or houses that don’t have windows or similar spaces. If any windows cannot accommodate a permanent window AC, then portable units are the best option. These units have a much simpler design that comes in a compact size and consist of casters, and the only requirement is a space to let the exhaust hose to the outside. Portable AC is more effective in terms of cooling than air coolers. However, they also need higher cost to use and function.


The conditioning cycle of portable AC units includes hot as well as cold sides enclosed within a single box structure. The condenser coil works effectively to cool the atmospheric heat while letting out the heat via the hose. In this process, water condenses and gets collected into a drain unit present inside the air conditioner.

Portable Air Coolers

Air conditioning units are high on power consumption and can cost much increased compared to simple air coolers. Air coolers are a cheap and cost-effective cooling solution that can help you save much on your energy bills. Their simple structure and spot cooling method are highly efficient to cool down specific parts of the houses. They are also available in varied capacities, from simple small room air coolers to large portable industrial coolers.


This is based on a very simple evaporative technology. It’s a box-like unit comprising walled-fan and cooling wet pads that consist of water. The fan acts as an absorbent to pull in warm air from the atmosphere. While the water-soaked pads lower the temperature of the air. This system has proven to consume much lesser energy as to 75% than other air conditioner units.


While trying to choose between these cooling solutions, you must consider your requirement and atmospheric condition. While air coolers are a good option in terms of cost-effectiveness, portable air conditioners are better in terms of cooling power and effectiveness in humid areas. Air coolers would be less noisy, whereas AC units are low on maintenance.