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Factors That Determine Quality of an Air Cooler
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Factors That Determine Quality of an Air Cooler

Getting the best air cooler in UAE is important to ensure sufficient cooling in the atmosphere for making it suitable and comfortable. They are widely used for cooling both indoor as well as outdoor spaces. With a wide variety of compact sizes and mobile structures such as portable air conditioner in Dubai, they are a popular form of cooling appliance. Apart from providing cooler air, coolers also humidify the air by adding moisture into the atmosphere. However, the air coolers’ power and quality will depend on various factors, and it is important to choose the perfect one wisely. Here are major points to consider if you wish to buy an air cooler in Dubai:


Like any other electronic appliance, the manufacturing company and brand are significant while determining the air cooler’s quality and durability. Cooler brands that provide good product warranty and better customer services should be chosen. Look for the best brands around you and check for the customer reviews about their air coolers to get a real user experience to make informed decisions.


Having a smaller air cooler in a larger and much wider space will constrain the cooling effect and overload the appliance. It is important to determine the capacity of the cooler to process the air and area of space. There are also advanced models that can offer cooling for larger indoor or outdoor spaces.


With a wide variety of air coolers available in the market, you can choose modern designs that suit your home interiors and goes well with its aesthetics. If you need cooling in different places, you can go for a portable model. To save some space in your cozy room, small portable room coolers will be the best choice.

Cooler Pads

These are the major component inside air cooler, and it determines their cooling capacity. These wet pads attract dust, pollen, and heat from the hot air that passes through them and thus provides cooler and fresh air into the atmosphere. These pads are also available in different forms to provide effective cooling, such as honeycomb and aspen cooling pads.

Water Tank

To support the natural cooling process inside air coolers, they have water tanks that need to be refilled at frequent intervals. Hence, these tanks’ capacity is important as a rather smaller one will require more refilling compared to a bigger tank. An air cooler with a big water tank can ensure cooling for long and are a good choice for outdoor events.

Energy Consumption

Air coolers are generally energy-efficient when compared with other cooling appliances. However, knowing the machine’s energy requirement is important as it may differ from one model to another. Compare different models and choose the best model with minimal energy need and maximum cooling capacity.