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Major Benefits Of Using A Portable Air Conditioner
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Major Benefits Of Using A Portable Air Conditioner

An efficient cooling unit is essential to manage the increasing atmospheric temperature and be relaxed. A centralized AC system is commonly found in any apartment or buildings in Dubai. However, sometimes the cooling might seem insufficient in some places. The portable air conditioner is an effective solution to support your existing cooling system or for easy spot cooling at a specific location. There is a wide selection of portable AC units available in the market that features varied qualities. However, there are some basic compelling advantages of using any portable air conditioning units.


Portable air conditioners cost much lesser than complex wall-mount AC units, as they do not contain a complex refrigeration system. If you need spot cooling for a specific period, portable AC could be a much cheaper option than having a fully installed cooling system. A centralized system will require more electricity and increase your energy bills to cool the entire space, while portable units have minimal power consumption for required spot cooling.

Easy Installation

You don’t need any professional help to install and start using a portable air conditioner. Through simple steps such as placing the exhaust hose outside through your window, you can instantly start using a portable AC. In the case of built-in AC units, various complex installation procedures are involved, such as proper fixation of the external unit and networking on the multiple connections.

Easy Mobility

Easy installation and smooth roller wheels make it easy to use the portable AC anywhere in your apartment or office. You can take it wherever you move inside the room and get efficient spot cooling with an eco-friendly functioning system. You can enjoy fresh cooling in any part of your space using a portable AC unit by providing a simple power connection.


Portable air conditioners are available in varied sizes and capacity to be compatible with the cooling requirements of small and large areas. You can choose the right AC unit as per the size of the area you want to be cooled to avoid excess power consumption. The capacity of the portable units are measured in BTU, and they usually range between 5000 to 40,000 BTU.

Advanced Functions

The latest portable air conditioner models include advanced technologies that enable much more than simple cooling. These features make them an effective choice for using throughout the year for indoor air conditioning works. Apart from cooling the atmospheric hot air, some AC units are also capable of dehumidifying the air to create a comfortable surrounding atmosphere.