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A Guide to Buying Misting Fans
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Air conditioners are a perfect solution to control the temperature indoors and beat Dubai’s high heat. But there is a new kid on the block in the form of a misting fan. It works in the same way as a normal fan, but it has a water tank attached to it. The vapor mist is produced as the water droplets from the nozzle enter the air and evaporate under extreme heat. This creates a cooling effect that is not achievable by the regular fan.

Misting fans are perfect for outdoor areas such as terraces and patios. They are the best way to stay cool when staying out in the hot weather. Misting fans come in wall-mounted and portable options. Portable fans are the best as you can easily move them around as per your requirements. There are industrial use misting fans available in the market, but you can also choose from different size variations for your homes. Here are a few key features you must analyze before you buy a misting fan for your personal use.

The Cooling Area and Spray Distance

As described above, the misting fan sprays a water mist, and each model has a certain length that it covers. The pressure level of water being pushed through the fan varies which specifies the spray distance it can cover.

The size of the misting fan also determines the cooling area it can cover. While deciding which fan will be suitable for you, you must know the area you want to cool with it. If the mist flow is powerful enough, the desired cooling effect will be achieved.

Water Tank Size and Continuance Misting

There are two different ways to supply water to a misting fan. Either a water tank comes attached to the fan that is manually filled, or a continuous supply is maintained by connecting to a hose. The water tank misting fans are the most common type. While selecting the fan you need, you must check its capacity, which determines how long it will continuously produce a mist before it may need a refill.

Fan Size

The portable fans come in different heights, which is very important to the cooling effect they can achieve. The spray distance of the fan also depends on its size. You must understand which area you are trying to cool down using the fan and if the fan will fit there and perform its best.

Additional Features

Special features such as oscillation and rotation of the fan are also a part of the misting fan design. Some designs allow you to add insect-repelling chemicals to the water, so the spray keeps bugs at bay.