ULV Foggers

ULV Foggers

ULV fogger is a form of sprayer machine used for applying disinfectants, biocides, or pesticide chemicals across an area. To tackle various vector carrier insects and pests such as mosquitoes, flies, fleas, mites, and cockroaches, ULV fogging is an effective method for disinfecting the area. SORSbuy provides a range of ULV foggers in UAE, built with high-end technologies to spray both oil and water-based disinfectant solutions. The influx in population has created a high demand for ULV foggers for quick disinfection.

Fitted with an adjustable sprayer to alter the volume of solution sprayed out, our fogger is designed to ensure versatility. As studies show that droplet size plays a significant role in tackling infections, we specialize in our product nozzle designs. Our fogger machines come with replaceable nozzles to alter the droplet size, thereby providing a more comprehensive range from 10 to 150 meters. We offer products with unique light-weight designs while comprising powerful high-tech motors of about 800-1000 watts to power the process efficiently. As per the disinfection requirement, we have different capacities, ranging from 2 liters to 5 liters. To learn more, visit our website and browse through our range available at affordable prices.


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How to Use ULV Foggers

The ULV fogger machine needs to be plugged into a correct power source by checking the voltage requirement, after which the user needs to adjust the nozzle size to the desired droplet size. Larger droplet size is suitable for disinfectants, whereas the smaller size is used for spraying insecticides or pesticides for long-lasting impact. The solution should be filled, considering the capacity of it. After use, the fogger needs to be turned off in a specific way. Firstly, the flow control knob should be turned off to prevent the fog from dripping into the hose. This is crucial to prevent damage to the motor. You can then turn off the power supply, unplug it to open the liquid tank cap and empty it. ULV foggers are ideal for use in the following spaces:

  • They are used in spaces with many independent rooms such as care homes, schools, daycare facilities, restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, and salons.
  • They are also used in larger areas such as shopping centers, leisure centers, sporting venues, garden centers, and tourist attractions.

Benefits of ULV Foggers

The ULV foggers comprise unique technology to control the solution flow rate and are highly efficient compared to manual sprayers. There are specific unique advantages of using ULV foggers:

  • As they emit the solution as fine ultra-low volume (ULV) particles, it efficiently covers a wider area.
  • The fog or mist is capable of staying in the space for a longer duration.
  • The small-sized droplets reduce the number of pesticides used in the process.
  • Powered with electricity, it reduces manual efforts, thus functioning for a longer duration.