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0.5 Tons Portable Air Conditioner
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0.5 Tons Portable Air Conditioner

د.إ2,599 exec.VAT

Are you looking for a compact yet power-efficient air conditioner in the UAE? Then consider the 0.5 Tons Portable Air Conditioner, which instantly dehumidifies and cools your room. Weighing in just around 24kg, this small yet powerful air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 1.8kilowatt. Apart from evenly circulating cold air, it will also dehumidify the area with a strong airflow of up to 270m3/h. Experience a cooler and dry space around you for a longer duration as it is installed with a 3 liters drain tank. Its durable green compressor uses R410A refrigerant and limits energy consumption to only 0.74 kilowatts. This air conditioner will go easy on your pockets, so relax and enjoy the cool, soothing breeze that this 0.5 Tons air conditioner has to offer.



“Climate+ Dubai” adds the smallest portable air conditioner to Its portable A/Cs range in UAE.

This small 1/2ton mobile A/C proved to deliver what is expected in its small package. It has Gree compressor & now comes charged with R410A refrigerant.


Cooling capacity 1.8 k.w
Power consumption 0.74 k.w
Refrigerant R410A
Air flow 270 m3/h
Net.w 24 kg
Gross.w 30 kg
Pack size 460x250x547 mm
Volume 0.06 m3
Drain tank 3 L