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2 Ton industrial portable AC
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2 Ton industrial portable AC

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Enjoy a fresh experience with the all-new 2 Ton Industrial Portable AC. Designed for economical spot cooling, it is primarily used in industrial plants, schools, server rooms, hospitals, and other spaces where electrical equipment tends to create a heat load. The 2 Ton air conditioner comes equipped with multiple features, including exceptional flexibility, performance, and reliability. Backed by the enormous power consumption of 1700w, it is an apt choice for cost-effective buyers in Dubai and UAE. Along with the presence of commendable fault detection as well as the LCD screen control tools, even the temperature of about 45 degrees celsius is well-suited for the weather conditions faced here. The two flexible hoses help in the equal distribution of air all around the area, supported by an air volume of 700m3/h, making the environment stress-free and cool.



The smallest spot portable A/C in new Climate+ range, added in 2020. The flexible discharge duct could be extended to cool the target object, or person. Spot air conditioners saves huge amount of energy by cooling people only instead of space.

Cooling capacity 0.75 ton
Voltage 220V/50~60Hz
Power consumption 1000w
Air volume 500m3/h
Refrigerant R410A
Operating temperature up to 45 Celsius
Max discharge pressure 4.5 MPa
Max suction pressure 1.2 MPa
Weight 55 kg
Size 400 x 540 x 910 mm