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26” outdoor portable mist fan’
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26” outdoor portable mist fan’

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High Quality outdoor mist fan for outdoor mist cooling applications.

This outdoor mist cooling fun mate in Dubai & UAE is portable and comes with new water tank design. With 30L tank, the continuous operation without refill should be about 8 hours.

What is it?

A misting fan uses evaporative cooling effect as well. The fine mist blown by the fan evaporates instantly (if air humidity is not very high) causing the cooling effect. If the weather is more humid, the mist might not evaporate quickly; Which would make you feel some mist blown.


Specifications :

Voltage : 220-240V

Power:  230 watt

Fan Size : 26 Inch

Water tank capacity : 30 L

Spray Distance : 6-8 m

Full Tank Water Consumer : 3-7 L/h

Height : 1.7-2m adjustable

Continuance Misting: 8 hours

Coverage Distance: 8 Meter

Reduce Temperature: 4°C-8°C