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5L ULV cold fogger
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5L ULV cold fogger

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Equipped to handle both oils as well as water-based solutions, the 5L ULV Cold Fogger is highly efficient and reliable. As a highly convenient fogger, it is beneficial to purify the air, prevent an epidemic in a public setup, and is used for pest control, among many other uses. All kinds of sanitary demands are met with the help of a quick rotating spray, which is labor-saving, effectively working without any blockage. Backed by a power of around 1000 watts with a very fine and adjustable atomization volume of 470ml/min, this disinfection tool comes with nozzles that can be changed to achieve desired droplet sizes. These extend to a flexible range of 10-150m. The presence of a high-power motor of about 220V-240V -50Hz, aids in making it a reliable choice.

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Using air atomization to spray chemical solvent (or disinfectant) with high speed and very fine, high-density particles.

Change the nozzle to achieve the needed droplet particle size, according to needed application.

Model CF5L
Tank capacity 5L
Motor 220V-240V -50Hz
Power 1000W
Atomization Volume 470ml/min(adjustable)
Particle size 10-150μm(adjustable)
Effective range 3-8m
N./G. Weight 2.61/3.78kg
Dimension 560*240*320mm
Chemical Handles both oil-and water-based chemical solutions
Optional 24vdc battery power supply