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11bar, 5L misting pump
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11bar, 5L misting pump

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*DC powered, energy saver
*Lower noise design
*Fittings & accessories available, call us for full kit
*Mid-Low pressure range


Low-pressure 11bar misting is a low cost option to create mist spray effect. The created mist particles are much bigger than high-pressure ones, offering more wetness. still they could be applied in several scenarios to create the nice mist spray.

For expected flow & nozzles estimation, please check our calculator>>>. The compatible 20bar rated fittings, nozzles and accessories are available, please contact us.

We have some use for 11bar pumps in disinfection gates and spray solutions. We recommend high-pressure for such application because of these reasons.

Still they could be used if end user could afford the increased consumption. That’s because the needed nozzles are more and bigger to achieve good spray coverage.

Flow Rate 5L/Min
Power 140W
Voltage 24V DC
Pressure 11Bar/ 150 PSI